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Advice, Expertise, Experience and Analytics are what you can expect from us.  When we put together a strategy we not only take a look at the current state of your marketing mix but consider the road ahead and account for the objectives of your business.  Whether your goals are social selling, generating leads, building brand awareness, engaging your audience, PR, or simply improving upon your current social media state, Common Thread Digital listens and applies a strategy to your business or non-profit organization to help achieve those goals.



Creativity, Innovation, Listening, Technology and Passion describe how we approach content creation. Whether it's written content or video content, every angle and out of the box idea is considered carefully before execution. We then apply your voice to create what is uniquely you. After all, social media is about being and showing your true self while expressing your uniqueness in who you are.



Like everything in life, timing is everything! We plan and schedule carefully, obsessing over metrics to understand the best times to post, how often, what to post, and on which platforms. Staying on top of your posts and content is crucial for every successful campaign. Therefore we ensure that everything is timed carefully to be laid out for you, our client. We give and suggest the best tools use for maximum effectiveness.  



Ever changing social interest and technology equate to keeping up with the times. This means staying on top of every aspect of social media -from trends to new social platforms, to what social outlets are no longer effective or widely used. Face it, it's hard to stay fresh and on top of the ever-changing times. Like seasons, people change and their interests change too.  What's hot today is not tomorrow. This makes it even more crucial to have periodic audits of your social media strategy, technology, content, and approach.  



You want it ALL. You don't have the TIME. It's OVERWHELMING. You don't know where to START. Managing your entire social media presence takes time and energy to stay on top of everything in real time.


Just consider a few tasks: 


  • Designing and executing your strategy

  • Creating your content and applying it across multiple venues such as Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, etc.

  • Scheduling when and where your content is to be published

  • Auditing your strategy, content, audience, as well as new emerging technologies and data

  • Monitoring, creating and scanning each social platform; looking at the views you've received; making comments; responding to replies; and keeping the conversation going, posting articles of interest, and so on. 

  • Checking multiple locations to see when and where your business is being mentioned


Now consider that the above list will only grow with you.  You can't put that much effort into something and simply abandon your other priorities.


This is where we come in.  Whether it's short term or long term management, we're here to be of assistance and provide the social power you need.  WE DO IT ALL!